Keeping your forked git repo up to date.

When you have forked the GitHub repository and applied some fixed which then sent PR and it got merged successfully to its upstream repository. After a while, another change was made by another contributor in upstream branch. Read More »

Introducing Woo In-Stock Notifier plugin

Customers come and go on your online store when they found that the product they want, isn’t in-stock. In that case, the customer will be disappointed and will try to find out the same product on another website, even though that product is selling with the higher price than yours.

Read More »

The right way to contribute into WP-CLI.

Are you going to contributing into the WP-CLI? Ah, alright. This article will help you and will save your time too, Before going below I’m assuming you cloned the WP-CLI repository to your local system or if you don’t know how to clone ( for a beginner ) later on in this article you will get to know about this too.Read More »

Today on this day…

Today on this day, I finally got some time to work on my own portfolio and blog website, I am writing this post just after I have finished the development work of this website.Read More »

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