Introducing Woo In-Stock Notifier plugin

Customers come and go on your online store when they found that the product they want, isn’t in-stock. In that case, the customer will be disappointed and will try to find out the same product on another website, even though that product is selling with the higher price than yours.

Isn’t it an embarrassing moment for you?  If you’re doing very serious business, Then yes! It is.

But wait! I have a solution for this 😊

One of my friends has gone through the same situation. Therefore, I have made the simple and effective solution, after It has successfully solved his problem, I have put this in the WordPress plugin directory it will help all of the people.

How it works?

When a customer comes to your online store and visits any of product details page. If that product is out of stock. They’ll get the form which will ask to put their email address ( if this customer is not registered with your website, if they are logged-in they will just have to click on the button ) once they put their email address and submit the form, the email address will be added to the product’s waiting list.

Now, whenever you change the status of the product from ‘out of stock’ to ‘in-stock’ from the back-end. The email which will inform customers that “the product is now in stock” will be sent to all of the users whoever joined the waiting for that product.

Is it possible to manage user’s list?

Yes, It’s possible to manage the user list. You can manage the list of the waiting user from the edit product page in the backend.

Manage waitilist in backend

Manage waitlist in backend.


How do I disable the plugin?

To disable the plugin, Go to ‘WooCommerce > In-Stock Notifier’ you will get the option to disable the plugin.

What is archive list?

When the email is sent to the sent to the user, this plugin allows you to move that email address to archive(in case you don’t want to lose the current wait list). You can restore or remove the email address from the archive list.

Get plugin from the plugin directory.


This plugin’s code is available on [Github]. Please feel free to fork the repository and send a pull request. If you find a bug in the plugin, open an issue.


That’s all for now, let me know if you face any issue or need any kind of guidance in this plugin.


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